Summary statement of the Gospel used during the January 31, 2021 ABF ZOOM class

Summary statement of the Gospel is based on the following passages
(I recommend that you look above and below the actual passages to get the context of them):

Jesus was the Nazarene prophet who became the crucified Messiah, but God vindicated Him and then exalted Him as King at His right hand. He will return as King to judge the world in righteousness.
Luke 24:26 (Jesus on the road out of Jerusalem)

Acts 2:23-24 (Peter's first proclamation in Jerusalem)

Acts 3:11-15 (Peter's second proclamation in Jerusalem)

Acts 4:8-12 (Peter's defense before the Jewish council)

Acts 17:24-31 (Paul's proclamation in Athens)

Acts 22:6-8 (Paul's proclamation in Jerusalem)

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