–Grand Prix 2014

8th Annual CBC AWANA Grand Prix

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Jdg14 IMG_4418

> > > Getting Ready > > >

IMG_4462 IMG_4450

IMG_4453 IMG_4457

IMG_4461 Tme14 IMG_4448

How about these spiffy entries


Car14 IMG_4422 Jdg14 IMG_4419
Car14 IMG_4423

Car14 IMG_4425

Jdg14 IMG_4421









Cubbie Time!

Cub14 IMG_4426

Cub14 IMG_4477

Cub14 IMG_4468

Cub14 IMG_4465

Cub14 IMG_4472

Cub14 IMG_4464

Cub14 IMG_4469

Cub14 IMG_4430

Cub14 IMG_4429

Cub14 IMG_4435

Win14 IMG_4520

Aud14 IMG_4436


Sp IMG_4442 Sp IMG_4443

Sp IMG_4444

Sp IMG_4445

Tme14 IMG_4437

Truth & Training

TnT14 IMG_4454

TnT14 IMG_4479

TnT14 IMG_4482

Tnt14 IMG_4483

TnT14 IMG_4512

Tmr14 IMG_4513

TnT14 IMG_4484

TnT14 IMG_4485

Tme14 IMG_4481

Win14 IMG_4498

Win14 IMG_4496

Aud14 IMG_4509

Win14 IMG_4507


Oh the Joy

Oh the Smiles

Aud14 IMG_4433

Aud14 IMG_4434

Aud14 IMG_4436

Aud14 IMG_4460

Aud14 IMG_4470

Aud14 IMG_4475

Aud14 IMG_4474

Aud14 IMG_4489

Aud14 IMG_4487

Aud14 IMG_4451

… AND THE  “Other Guys”

Car14 IMG_4422

Car14 IMG_4425

Car14 IMG_4518

Car14 IMG_4431

Car14 IMG_4432

Car14 IMG_4423

Car14 IMG_4514

Oth14 IMG_4510

Oth14 IMG_4511

Car14 IMG_4515

Win14 IMG_4526

Win14 IMG_4527

Win14 IMG_4525

Win14 IMG_4523

Win14 IMG_4524

Win14 IMG_4522

Obsessed   with  the   Truth