VBS 2012

Debbie demonstrating the RBM story board.

Weighing the Offering

Singing their favorite VBS songs

Thursday night -Singing songs in Silly hats

I guess Director Hollie can get a little preturbed if you don’t do what you’r told.

Shirtbox Holmes (Emily) and Doctor Flopson (Isaac) with Director Hollie

Dr. Mad (Jocelyn) in Shirtbox Holmes skit

Friday Night The Red Team wins weekly goal

Friday evening Everybody Wins!

Thursday night Game time -How colorful!

Thursday night 3rd & 4th grade class time

Thursday night 5 & 6 class time

Isabelle and Josh on Rainbow Night -Wednesday

Wednesday Night Class time.

"Pick Me"   Wednesday Night Class time.

Pre-K & Kindergarten Class time on Wednesday

Getting the rules -Tuesday night’s game time

Look @ them working together. WHAT FUN!

Game Time Tuesday Night

Nathan @ Game Time Tuesday Night

Game Time

Obsessed   with  the   Truth